• Indispensable reps by making them a business consultant and ad agency to their clients
  • Presentations tailored to each client’s psychographic and industry, leading to higher closing ratios
  • Powerful tools and research that replace the need for reps to do research giving instant scalability – increase sales with current staff
  • A user interface that allows for sales managers to access details that are crucial to competitive strategy
  • Distributable industry-specific content and research to create sales opportunities and keep reps top of mind with clients
  • Dramatically decreased time from first point of contact to closing sale


Focus Sales Systems Inc. produces Sales Intelligence, software that offers a highly sophisticated CRM specifically designed for the Media Sales industry vertical.

By providing your sales team with customized content for their clients, your time-to-sales ratio is drastically reduced, while the research we provide increases your lead-to-sale conversion rate.

Included in the software is built-in sales training, performance metrics, distributable sales and marketing collateral, and customizable presentation materials. Our software development team delivers easy-to-use, powerful, relevant tools, and our professional writing team delivers it to create a superior user engagement platform for the sole purpose of creating aggressive revenue growth with the team you currently have.

About Us

Focus Sales Systems Inc. produces a software solution to the sales process, infinitely more powerful than a CRM, and specifically programmed for the media industry vertical. Focus instantly turns your sales reps into both an ad agency and a business consultant in an age where skill integration is crucial, and provides the research necessary to back them up. The Focus team is a hand-selected group of industry professionals with a century of experience from advertising, marketing, media, promotions, business development and management, writing, research, tech and CRM. Designed by sales professionals for sales professionals.
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Focus Team

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Theo Underwood
Corporate Development

Theo Underwood is a visionary entrepreneur based in Victoria, B.C. who has been involved in several technology start-ups over the last 15 years. From heading an ambitious web-enabled financial analysis Software-as-a-Service company in the late 90’s to getting an international illuminated LED signage manufacturing and sales business off the ground 8 years ago, Theo has consistently been a cutting-edge entrepreneur. Theo’s passion is bringing the best new technologies and services together in order to enable clients with paradigm-shifting business solutions. With his extensive business development, marketing, and sales experience, Theo’s vision is to grow Focus Sales Systems into the premier provider of innovative sales solutions for clients in the Media Advertising Sales industry worldwide.

    Andrew Quinn-Young
    Sales Intelligence

    Andrew Quinn-Young has over 15 years of sales and marketing experience and has worked for some of Canada’s largest Broadcasting companies.  Andrew was VP of Sales & Marketing for a private education company with schools in 10 cities in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan.  In the Media Advertising Sales industry, Andrew quickly established himself as a sales leader and went on to become one of the youngest sales managers for a cluster of Astral Radio Stations were he lead the team to a near double market share position.  At the same time, he was responsible for a group of in-house sales reps who sold advertising for over 50 radio stations nationally. As a sales rep he has collected numerous sales awards and broken many established corporate sales records. Andrew is passionate about the efficiencies and quality control that technology is bringing to the sales profession and the huge increase it has on revenue potential. 

      Steve Graham

      Steve is an accomplished technical architect with over thirty years of experience developing software for a range of platforms and technologies. With a strong technical background, including a degree in Electronic Engineering, Steve’s focus is to provide solutions that solve client’s real needs. He provides high level strategic technical vision, analysis of requirements, identification of key abstractions, definition of the overall architecture, and software development leadership.   For Municipal Software, now part of Harris Computer Systems, Steve has spent almost 20 years guiding the evolution of their core CityView product through numerous technology generations and architectures.  In 2002, this product was the world-wide winner of the Microsoft Certified Partner Award in the Packaged Application category. Steve has also been an architectural consultant to AbeBooks, Youneeq, and inHance.

        Scott Bell
        Software Development

        Scott Bell is the lead software developer for Focus Sales Systems, specializing in computer networking and data analytics. Previous to being at Focus Sales Systems, he has worked at a number of projects including iOS development, and multimedia load testing. Scott graduated with the highest GPA in Computer Science and Economics at the University of Victoria. He will be pursuing a Masters in data mining with applications in financial and economic statistics.

          Leanne Allen

          Leanne Allen is a media entrepreneur. She has created and owned her own media companies for the last 15 years with advertising as the sole revenue stream. She thrives on getting advertising sales down to a science to be able to focus on branded content creation. She created a print magazine and grew it to a distribution of 25 000, then sold to one of the largest media corporations in North America. She has produced television and radio for KVOS and CBC. She now owns, a purely online video magazine servicing 100 000.

            Dave Morgan
            Business Intelligence

            Dave Morgan holds a B.Sc in Economics with a minor in business. Dave handled accounting for Tervita Corporation and has moved into the tech sector. He handles all aspects of business development and data analytics at Focus.

              Richard Schwindt
              Business Intelligence

              Richard Schwindt is Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics and Faculty of Business Administration, Simon Fraser University, where he taught for over 35 years. At SFU his teaching and research focused on industrial economics and government policy towards business. He taught multiple business strategy courses over the years in SFU’s Executive MBA Programme, and courses in industrial economics in the Helsinki School of Economics and Business' International MBA Programme. In addition to his academic work, Richard has provided litigation support for large public and private sector clients in areas of economic market analysis, competition policy (with a focus on mergers and acquisitions) and international trade disputes. He has provided valuable strategic and tactical advice and analysis to both new and established businesses over the last 40 years. Richard was appointed a Royal Commissioner by the Government of BC to examine resource industry compensation policy in the 1990's.


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